Paint & Play is committed to your privacy. This privacy policy sets out how we deal with personal information collected through (“the Website”). By using the Website you consent to the use and processing of your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy.

1. Like most websites, there is certain information that is automatically tracked. This includes the website you just came from if you followed a link to our site, the browser you are using and any searches you have done to find one of our pages. The information is used for internal purposes to monitor activity on the Website only. It is kept in a form that does not identify individuals.

Although we put technical and organisational security procedures in place to keep your information secure, you are advised to remember that the internet is not always a secure medium. If you are unsure about submitting any information to us, please contact us by telephone, fax or post instead. Our contact details are set out in the Contact Us page.

2. Paint & Play reserves the right to pass any or all of your personal information to the police or any other relevant body for the purposes of:

  • crime detection or prevention; or
  • for any purpose associated with your misuse, or suspected misuse, of the Website; or
  • in relation to any legal proceedings or prospective legal proceedings.

3. Paint & Play will not transfer your personal information outside the European Economic Area without first obtaining your consent.

4. Paint & Play will not share your personal details (e.g. contact details left while placing an order) with other companies.

5. Paint & Play uses technology called cookies to track patterns of behavior of visitors on the Website, such as remembering which pages you visited in one visit to the site. Cookies are pieces of information that the Website transfers to your computer. You may set your browser to refuse to accept cookies and unless you do so you are deemed to have accepted our use of them. For more information about cookies and how to disable them, please go to